Brighton’d Up My Day

Saturday, 21 March I took my first day trip that wasn’t planned with AIFS. My friends Camilla, Sibo, Aydery, Jen and I booked some coach tickets to Brighton. We wanted to see the beach in England and my house mum, Helen, said that Brighton is a fun place for people our age to go. We were up Brighton early to catch our 8 a.m. coach. It took roughly two hours for us to get there from Victoria Coach Station in London.

Fish and chips!

When we first got to Brighton, we spent some time in the arcade on the pier. For lunch, I tried my very first ever plate of fish and chips! I am not a seafood person, but since this fish is fried and doesn’t taste or smell fishy, I figured why not give it a try. Plus, it’s pretty much a crime if you travel to England and not eat fish and chips, right? I thought it was delicious, especially dipped or drizzled with vinegar. After lunch, we thought it would be fun to ride some rides on the pier. I went on a slide and a roller coaster. The roller coaster was so rough! I hurt my neck a bit but it was fun nonetheless.


Enjoying the beach with my coat and gloves — definitely a change!

After we were done finding our inner kids, we walked down to the beach. Instead of sand, the beach is pebbles which was refreshing and fun for us since we are so used to sand beaches in SoCal. I don’t particularly like the way sand leaves my body feeling, so I enjoyed the pebble beach. Once we were done taking photos and what not, we went over to The Lanes which are little, intertwined streets with shops and restaurants. We decided that it was time to indulge in some sweets, so when we stumbled on a place called “ChoccyWoccyDooDah,” we definitely had to check it out. It was packed! Downstairs was a chocolate shop with fun decorations and a ton of different types, shapes and colors of chocolates for purchase. Upstairs: a chocolate cafe. We put our names on the list and shortly got sat at a table. I think we all went a little overboard on the chocolate here, but it was worth the experience.


Chocolate overload

Helen recommended that we go to the Brighton Pavillon, but since it was £11 to enter, we admired it from the outside and went inside the (free) Brighton Museum instead. The Brighton Museum was nice and had some interactive displays. It’s always interesting to learn more about where you are.

To close out the day, we took a walk along the pebble beach, rode the carousel and admired the lights on the pier. It was definitely a great day trip to remember.






Carousel on the beach



Camilla, Sibo, Adyery, Jen and myself being silly on the beach