A Birthday to Remember

Almost everyone who is raised in the US looks forward to their 21st birthday. It’s a right of passage — you are finally an adult who can walk into a bar and enjoy a drink if you so desire, sit at the slot machines in Las Vegas or get into 21 and over night clubs. Growing up, I never thought I would spend my 21st birthday in a country where 21 isn’t really a big deal. You only turn 21 once and I’m very happy to have spent mine here in London.

The celebration started a little bit early on the night before my birthday. A My Old Dutch pancake restaurant has a 5 pancake deal on Mondays, so we decided to check it out. I will definitely be returning. The pancakes are massive! I had a savory pancake with ham, cheese, chicken and sweet peppers. My roommates, fellow Amazing PR interns and a couple of friends from class joined me. We were all very impressed with the restaurant and the food.

image1 (4)

Now this is what I call a pancake.

Since my roommate, Sibo, wasn’t going to be at the house on the night of my birthday, she and Bahar surprised me after we got home by decorating my room. They are so sweet!

image2 (2) image3 (1)

I started my day Facetiming with my boyfriend, Andy, who sang me happy birthday. When I went down to have breakfast and I found a brownie with some candles along with 2 cards — one from the girls and one from my house mum, Helen. It was such a nice gesture, even though I wasn’t going to have brownies for breakfast! Of course, we ate them later. I also found some gifts from Helen — a mug, some hand warmers and a book. Helen is extremely sweet and kind.



As I was getting ready for the day (though I really didn’t have any plans), Helen asked me if she could take me up to Hampstead Heath and Kenwood House then treat me to coffee. The girls were busy this morning, so it was just Helen and myself and we enjoyed walking the heath and through Kenwood House and sharing stories. It was nice house mother house daughter bonding. She treated me to a latte and a fruit scone with butter, jam and clotted cream — a very traditional English thing to eat. It was delicious!


The London skyline from Hampstead Heath.




After our lovely morning, Helen dropped me off at the tube station so I could head to my internship. Work was good today! I kept busy and time flew by. After work, I met my roommate from home, Camilla, at the tube station so that we could get gelato. ( Birthdays are a special occasion that you are allowed to indulge in a lot of sweets and it’s acceptable.) She treated me and also gave me a fancy tank top from Dorothy Perkins! Then she came to my house to meet Helen and see where I lived.


I am so grateful for this day. Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and a special thank you to everyone who was part of my lovely day. I will never forget my 21st birthday.