The Countdown Begins!


One week from now, I will be on a plane to London. Am I ready? If you would have asked me a few days ago, I would have said no way. Today, though, I do feel ready to go. I’ve decide what I’m packing, made lists of all the things I don’t want to forget, got my British pounds, and my passport is finally on it’s way to me and should be here on Tuesday! Let me tell you about that nightmare of a story…

I sent my passport to New York to get my UK Visa on Dec. 6. I thought they lost it because I hadn’t heard anything about it so I called the British Consulate in New York (I had to pay $2 a minute by the way) twice to find out where in the world my passport was. Finally, someone was able to tell me that the visa had been approved and was waiting to send out. Yesterday, I got an email verifying the approval of my visa and that it had been shipped back to me. It should be here Tuesday. I’m leaving Thursday. Cutting it close, but I am just so thankful that I will be able to go on time. You can’t even imagine the scenarios that played through my head if my passport hadn’t arrived in time…

So with that headache gone, I feel much more prepared for my trip. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am still reading blog posts and articles about studying abroad, preparing for an international trip, and London itself. The only thing I am not looking forward to is the 11 hour flight, but at least I will (hopefully) be sitting next to another student on the program with me. Also, the weather is going to take some getting used to — 40 degrees as the high is going to be an adjustment!

I arrive on Friday and will be meeting my homestay “mum,” Helen, and settling into my home in Muswell Hill. Saturday is the program orientation. Sunday we are going on a sightseeing tour. Monday classes start and so does my internship. Let’s hope I can beat the jetlag!