I have an Internship in London?


In my last post I mentioned that a PR company had shown an interest in me and asked me to write a sample blog post for them. The director of the company was happy with my blog post and I have a meeting scheduled to meet with her on Jan. 19! I think that means I am interning with Amazing PR? It’s located in Chelsea. I have been told that Chelsea is one of the nicest areas in London!

Amazing PR handles PR for beauty products and brands. If you know me, you know that I don’t use make up or really any beauty products at all. My knowledge of beauty products is pretty limited. I’m looking forward to learning a lot through this internship!

Speaking of learning, the director of Amazing PR sent my blog post back to me with some edits. She said I used too many “Americanisms.” I need to “get immersed in the ‘Oxford English’ style in which they write.” I will be studying their blog and writing style over my winter break for sure. I already know that I will come back speaking British slang, but now it’s possible I will be writing like the Brits as well.

(P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!)