It’s Becoming More and More Real

It hasn’t fully hit me yet that I am leaving in less than two months for London. I feel so unprepared. I have been reading so many study abroad blog posts via Pinterest and trying to get an idea of what is ahead of me. I have been reading things like “10 Things You Must Do Before You Leave the Country” and “Things to Do in London.” No matter how much I think I am prepared, though, I know I will never feel completely prepared.

I had my biometrics appointment for my student visa on Wednesday. It didn’t take near as long as I thought it would take. They just took my fingerprints and a really awful photo of me and then I was on my way.

Yesterday, I received an email from my program’s internship advisors saying that a PR company was interested in offering me an internship. I was so excited and caught off guard by it because I haven’t had my interview with the advisors yet. Anyway, before they officially offer me an internship they asked me to write a blog post for them, so that’s what I’m working on right now!

At the end of this month I am supposed to find out the address of the house I will be staying in (of course I will immediately be looking it up on Google Maps) and who my roommate is going to be so that we can get in touch before we leave! I can’t wait to get that email.

My pre departure meeting is Dec. 5 and that is extremely soon! I can’t wait! All of this is so exciting! I really look forward to sharing and documenting my experience through this blog.